Jumat, 24 Maret 2017

I Can't Imagine Life Without Best Friend

I Can’t Imagine Life Without Best Friend

Basically I am one of those people who like quiet, so I used to do activities that require concentration individually and generally I was more alone in their daily activities. However, as good as any of my activities that I can do by myself I am nothing without friends. Yes, I love the people around me who gave me positive effects in life. I included a spoiled child for some people, especially friends than parents and my brother. I do not mean people are picky about friends but I still apply the principle to approach the people who made me lazy at work too, when I saw it I was motivated. I have not covered in friends but I would spend my helpful with people who could lead me to a better direction. Best friend indeed my presence can not always be expected whenever and wherever, because as time goes by now we have a purpose in life and different interests. But it did not close us to communicate while away, even for a year even though we have a hard encounter, even to give the news in one month alone we are hard. Not an easy thing unites several heads in taking decisions, my best friend and I often argue, get angry with each other because of a thing, even as a child we used to apply up to the fight and did not greet each other because a trivial thing. What will become of me without them, when I was hit by the problem that I need a helping friend. When hope in humans is wrong and excessive, a friend became the first person with a loud rebuke. Best friend also for me not the one where where always together but how long have you survived in spite of the various problems, though different cities but the presence of Nepenthe. My life without your best friend might be bland, with no experience to get to know the characters, a lot of science in the can when together. Past experience of junior high school, senior high school and college will continue with a friend, because itself is soothing but would be more fun with your best friend.

Moral of the story

March 21, 2017
            Entering hours of English language courses economics I and my classmates to the american corner as usual to take the classes. But, before we get anywhere classmates gave information on the group that the room was in use, I and my classmates ended up waiting for more information from Mom Dini down the stairs early in the American corner, every few minutes Mom Dini finally called Eva to move into the space BCLC (British Culture and Learning Centre). When the lecture began Mom Dini gave us the task to select and read a book of children's stories for later download the wisdom or the moral of the story, and I chose a book entitled "King Arthur's Treasure" and I get after reading the book.
Moral of the story of King Arthur’s treasure is
1.      Do not take items that clearly does not belong to us
2.      Do not be easily affceted with a call to he person who asked it is not good and don’t be greedy for something

Kamis, 16 Maret 2017

My skills


If we talk about skills, I have skills in baking, especially cakes that are great steamed or roasted. Originally this was a hobby of the current junior high school years, also supported environmental factors where my friends during high school love making cakes, mom is also my sister so. When high school my expertise is also supported by one of the subjects of grade 2 in which one of the subjects that the teacher also culinary expert pie maker in that regard that he teaches and he transmitted to our students.  At home once a week there is always a good cake made by mother, brother and me but we still help each other. Our cakes are most often made, namely cassava cake Morning, cakes and pastries black forets pandan. Black forest cake cake one who never lived made during Eid. In terms of studying the cake recipes my mother often follow recipes also from google. Although in baking is not always a success certainly in the case of the experiment there's always cake that does not match what was expected. This capability can I benefit right to increase the pocket money, for example, when yesterday waiting to go to college I use to make a reservation for example cassava cake which also included my father's favorite cake , material that is easily reached in which the main ingredient is cassava can live my take on dad's back garden, its manufacture is also not complicated just take time for steaming.
 I can describe the recipe also weave;
Ingredients: 1kg cassava (grated)
4 pieces of egg
500gr sugar
1 cup cooking oil '
Moderation dye pasta pandan
Sweetened condensed milk to taste (optional)
Step: Beat egg + sugar until fluffy flower after input of cassava that has been shredded, continue to enter edible oils and dyes pandan paste to taste, put the condensed milk to taste and then steamed. Of note, the mold has been smeared with oil to prevent sticking too sure in the selection of cassava with good quality because I had failed in the making due to wrong in choosing cassava.. Regarding the ability to make this cake, I think to open a small kiosk where receiving orders a cake but because I am studying in the city of Pontianak where here I lack the tools to make the cake seem Desire should I buried first. Usually when I returned to Ketapang always a time to make a cake to the mother and father and sister.  Sister who also likes to make cakes to help me if in trouble exertion.